Marriott & Starwood Merger

In an effort to create the world’s largest and strongest lodging and loyalty program Starwood was entertaining several partnerships or strategic alliances in its pursuit for growth in 2015. You can visit The Points Guy to get a recap on everything that has happened to date. A final decision has been reached as of April 8, 2016 that will lead to the merging of Marriott International with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, finally putting an end to the Starwood acquisition saga. So what does this mean for you and what will happen to your Starwood Preferred Guest Rewards? Well the good news is there are no changes expected for the time being. Based off of the letter by Arne Sorenson, President  & CEO of Marriott, we shouldn’t expect any changes until 2018 when Marriott anticipates a newly combined program. With that said, it is always worrisome to entrust your hard earned rewards in the not for certain future, so Rewardopoly has some strategies for using and not losing those Starwood points.


REWARDOPOLY STRATEGY 1: The wait and see.

Public companies don’t like to upset the public so there is a good chance that if you choose to wait, and see what happens, there might be better rewards to be earned. 

REWARDOPOLY STRATEGY 2: Cash for places you already shop.  
Starwood has relationships with several retailers. Everything from Amazon, iTunes to Banana Republic. Transfer those points to gift cards and give your wallet a break. Shop using your Starwood points here.
REWARDOPOLY STRATEGY 3: Share or transfer those points. 
Are one of the members in your household or family an SPG member? Are they in-between points? If your point balance is at an almost there status for a free hotel stay or possibly a mile transfer, help them over that hump and share the benefits of a cheaper flight for that family vacation or hotel stay. Transfer your points here
REWARDOPOLY STRATEGY 4: Turn your Starpoints to miles.
Starwood has partnerships with many airlines, even multiple ones that you may already be signed up with. Enjoy 1 starpoint to 1 mile exchange rates on most airlines. There’s even a 5,000 Starpoint bonus when you transfer 20,000 points at a time. Hint* don’t have enough points to get that 5,000 starpoint point bonus? Take advantage of strategy 3 and then return to take advantage of strategy 4. Turn your starpoints to miles here



Rewardopoly, Monopolize your Rewards

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