5-Easy Options to Prevent Those Travel Rewards From Expiring

Do you get notices from your loyalty programs about your loyalty points or miles that are expiring?

Do you get offers in the mail or in your email suggesting the use of your miles or points towards magazines (who looks at magazines anymore – that’s what Pinterest is for)?

Well, have no fear – options are here.

Although using your miles towards magazines may be valuable for some — it’s not valuable for everyone. Check out the various options below on different ways to use your points.

  1. Transfer your points = Do you have a significant other, parent or travel companion that you travel with? Optimize the use of your combined rewards and help them get to their next vacation quicker.
  1. Shop – Guess what?!? Most loyalty programs (hotel, credit cards, airlines) have their own shopping portal. Not only are you able to get great deals on brand name products and shop at well-known stores like Kohl’s, Nordstrom and MANY, MANY more but you earn 3X the miles/rewards and initiate activity in your portfolio, extending the life of your rewards. Bye, bye expiration dates.
  1. Donate – Haven’t crossed off that good deed for today? Many loyalty platforms allow you to donate your miles towards a good cause. Make a difference.
  1. Link Your Accounts – Some loyalty programs like United & Membership Rewards (American Express) allow you to link your account to a credit card or a debit card. So that when you use your card for a transaction with one of their branded partners you not only earn rewards you create activity in your account – which as a result extends the life of your miles/points. 
  1. Miles & Money – If you are going on a trip sooner than later, use those points before you lose them. Book your next trip using the booking portal for the company where your points/miles are expiring and take advantage of their in-house deals as-well as pay with a combination of miles and money.

Use your rewards. Done lose them.


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