A Couple’s 16 Day Trip to Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam For Less Than 60,000 Credit Card Points

Planning an international trip is daunting but after saving my rewards that I collected using my credit union’s credit card (which depending on your state — anyone can be a part of) from Logix Federal Credit Union it was super easy and enjoyable to book; which made my South East Asia trip to Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam that much more pleasurable AND affordable.

First, my travel companion and I planned our trip and strategized our best point vs. money scenarios by asking ourselves these three questions:  

  1. Can we utilize extended stop-overs?
  2. Which cities do we want to see that utilize the same airport hub?
  3. When flying out of BKK (Bangkok) which flights are cheaper to purchase versus spending miles on? 

After addressing the three questions above we came up with the strategy below and were able to book a round-trip flight using points for 58,000 points + taxes and fees of $375.

And then…our journey began.   

We departed from Los Angeles International Airport, Feb. 17 → Stop-over at Pu Dong Airport, Shanghai → Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International, Bangkok – Feb.18

Return Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Mar 4 → Stop-over at Pu Dong Airport, Shanghai → Arrive at LAX (Los Angeles) March 4

The flight from Thailand to Cambodia was about $80 per person and the flight from Cambodia to Vietnam was about $120 per person.

As you can see we used the longer leg of the trip and arguably the most expensive part of the trip using points and purchased, with our Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card, the flights with a shorter flying distance.


  • LAX → Shanghai → Bangkok = POINTS
  • Bangkok → Cambodia = CHASE SAPPHIRE 
  • Cambodia → Vietnam = CHASE SAPPHIRE 
  • Vietnam → Shanghai → LAX = POINTS

Check out what 3 Countries, 16 days, 58,000 points and $775 bought for a trip for two.





Founder – Desirae Aguirre,  Monopolize Your Rewards

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